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What Sets One Direction Australia Apart from Other Melbourne Companies Offering Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Other Services? Our Proven Process

Dependability is an absolute must in the world of commercial cleaning. From showing up and departing on time to achieving all the daily, weekly, and monthly milestones for cleanliness, your business must be able to count on commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne to do what they promise. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be easier said than done. The team at One Direction Australia Cleaning believes that shouldn't be the case. We know that not only you but also your employees count on your commercial cleaning partners to fulfil their responsibilities adequately so that when it's time to work, you have the cleanest possible environment.

For these reasons, we take our efforts seriously wherever the day takes us, from industrial job sites and the interiors of freshly-built homes to big corporate offices and independent small businesses. At every step of the way, we not only ensure our staff performs to the best of their abilities, but we also take steps to ensure that we follow all relevant health & safety rules while adhering to rigorous standards for cleanliness. To understand why our commercial cleaning services for Melbourne businesses are so useful and reliable, consider the systems we have in place to guarantee a job done right every single visit.

How we provide our commercial cleaning services to Melbourne

Before any member of our team can visit a site for commercial cleaning in Melbourne, we require they complete an in-depth training course. This course serves to familiarise our workers with the procedures we use, the correct ways to use equipment, how to clean different areas, and more. This effort ensures that only dedicated and qualified individuals work to clean your property. We regularly audit all our teams to ensure the results they produce match our rigorous cleanliness standards.

As a health and safety measure, we employ a colour-coded system on all mops and rags which designate certain items to specific areas. For example, red-coded mops and rags may only be used for the toilets, while blue-coded equipment is suitable for in-office use. This system combines with our 7-step procedure for thorough and sanitary cleaning that keeps you and your staff safe. 1DA also uses only the safest biodegradable cleaning chemicals. These cleaning agents not only do an excellent job, but they're less harmful to the planet as well!

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As a part of our efforts to foster cleaner workplaces, we also include several additions free of charge, from providing hand sanitisers in bathroom areas to the inclusion of free air fresheners for improving the scent characteristics of an office. Together with your objective, we can achieve consistent results you can depend on with every visit our employees make to your location. We also provide commercial carpet cleaning to Melbourne businesses in addition to our many other services. Inquire about how One Direction Australia can help keep your building in excellent shape; contact us today.


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