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Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne | Melbourne CBD Carpet Cleaners

Contact one of the Melbourne's best carpet cleaning experts for all your carpet cleaning needs around Hawthorn, Carlton, Caroline springs, Deer park. All our operators are very professional, experienced and fully trained for the job.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

One direction takes the privilege for providing quality carpet cleaning in Hawthorn. If you are searching for carpet Steam cleaning in Mebourne CBD then you are in right site. We use up to 90% less moisture than standard steam cleaning services. By wanting the best we are able to offer you the best. Carpet cleaning Hawthorn is done by fully trained and certified technicians who will provide the best service and also provide ideas for cleaning your carpets.

By using steam cleaning to your carpets will bring back life to your environments which will spread energy to your environment. Our technicians are reliable, friendly and are internationally qualified. Our carpet Cleaning in Carlton got their reputation for their workmanship. We’ll carefully clean your carpet’s pile, resulting in fast uniform drying and fresh, soft, and beautiful appearance. Professional carpet steam cleaning used to remove toughest stains then free deodorizing is done which brings freshness to the rooms.

Carpet cleaning process

For carpet cleaning we use 6 steps process as below:

Operator will inspect the carpet before initiating work to get better idea what chemicals to use and to get best result possible for your carpets.

Pre-Vacuum of Carpets
In the next step all carpets will be pre vacuumed by our operators before starting any steam cleaning to remove as much dry soil as possible. This is done using a commercial grade vacuum cleaner.

In the next step of the carpet cleaning process technicians pre-spray the carpet using citrus based product. This is a specially formulated non-toxic product which suspends the soil and then allows it to be removed easily using the steam cleaning method.

Stain Treatment
In the next step of the carpet cleaning process, all individual stains are treated using a wide range of specialized non-toxic stain removers depending on the type of stain.
*Please note: Not all stains are removable. If stains are already set in the fibre cannot be removed by steam cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)
We strongly believe steam cleaning is much better and deeper cleaning option to dry cleaning if done properly. Our steam cleaning units are state of the art machinery which has high suction intake and high pressure steam spray for a professional steam clean. You can real more about carpet cleaning myths here.

Free Deodorising
Also included with the carpet steam cleaning is odour-absorbing deodoriser which not only quickly covers the odour but absorbs and eliminates the source of the odour.

Our pricing is very straight forward, we charge $2.50 sq m for this 6 steps steam cleaning process. Minimum charge $50 that covers up to 15 sq m of carpeted area. Heavily soiled or stained fabrics might incur extra cost. Give us a call and we are more than happy to provide you with free quote.


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